2018 Parkinson's Superspiel  

2018 Parkinson's Superspiel

 The 2018 Parkinson's Superspiel was a great success! $1,457.68 was raised for Parkinson's research and support for people living with Parkinson's.

The teams got off to a slow start in the morning, however, everything was running smoothly by lunch time. The teams had a lot of fun completing the quiz at lunch time, which helped them gain a few extra points. It all came down to a tie at the end between Team Ashforth and Team Ellis, with a coin toss deciding the winner for the day.

There were only two teams playing the evening Mixed Doubles draw, and Team Lavell/Dumas won the game with an amazing takeout in the sixth end!

Everyone had a great time! (If you thought there was something we could improve, please let us know www.pdsuperspiel.ca/suggestions)

If you have pictures you would like to share from the 2018 Parkinson's Superspiel, please submit them using the form below.

1st Team Ellis 64 3/4 points
2nd Team Ashforth 64 3/4 points
3rd Team Percy 60 1/2 points
4th Team Bishop 52 points
5th Team Pierce 46 3/4 points
6th Team Allison 46 points
7th Team Linton 44 1/2 points
8th Team Crawford 43 points
9th Team Devlin 40 3/4 points
10th Team Pietsch 28 points
11th Team Beentjes 22 3/4 points
12th Team Caswell 19 3/4 points

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